vandych: Hi pals, “This squirrels look fam…


Hi pals,

“This squirrels look familiar”
Lulu always saw marvelous things in places where no one could see absolutely nothing. Pixies, the frolicsome spirit, immediately recognized her as a daydreamer and decided to ensnare her in his world. In this place laws of material world were powerless: sizes and colors of things were changed at ease and in unexpected way under will of the meadow inhabitants.
Lulu understood, that in this mysterious and odd place she feels like home and decided to stay.

Rewards time!

I’m ready to present you our little and a bit funny LULU from League of Legends. 

This wondefull cosplay will be sent to those pals, who supported me on the 1st of February, the 1st of March with reward of 1$ and more.

Please check private message patreon for download set

Thank you a lot for your patience =)

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